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Welcome! Are you ready to stake your claim on a chance to have your Black Friday 2013 T-Shirt design worn on the shirts of FatWallet members across the country? Get your mouse a movin' and design for us an eye-catching design that spreads the word about the greatness of FatWallet at Black Friday!

The Skinny on Our Fat Awards:

  • Submit a qualifying design* and receive:
    • A Private Message with a link to claim your free FatWallet Black Friday 2013 T-shirt!
    • A 2013 Black Friday T-Shirt Design badge
    • An entry into a drawing for one of ten $50 gift cards to shop at your favorite FatWallet store! (One entry per member.)
  • Submit the winning design and receive:
    • A box of FatWallet premium schwag
    • The coveted 2013 Ding Ding Winner's badge and all the bragging rights that come with it!
    • 12 Black Friday 2013 Black Friday T-Shirts with your crazy awesome winning design that you can give to others!
    • 50 Virtual High-Fives from FatWallet employees!
    • A gift card loaded with $500 to spend at your favorite FatWallet store!

You've got nothing to lose by entering! Everyone who enters a qualifying design* gets a 2013 Black Friday T-shirt! (Only one t-shirt will be awarded per member.)
*A qualifying design is a design must meet all the design guidelines, copyright guidelines and it must be in line with the FatWallet values. (All badges, t-shirts, and prizes will be awarded after the design contest and voting have ended.)

Are you lacking the creativity gene?

If you think you're lacking the creativity gene and are too chicken to submit a design...we understand. You can still get a free 2013 Black Friday T-Shirt by posting a qualifying Hot Deal between 9/18/13 - 10/28/13.

STEP 1: Design away...

Please review the design guidelines, grab the logos below, and create a super snazzy t-shirt design your fellow community members will want to choose as their favorite!

  • Only FatWallet members can enter a design or vote.
  • Original entries only. If you submitted a design in the past and try to sneak in under the radar, beware. This community has a memory like none-other. If someone catches your copy-cat design it will be booted out of the contest in a blink of an eye.
  • Entry must be completely your original work with the exception of the FW logo. If you use clipart you absolutely, positively MUST include a link to the source of your clipart showing that it's royalty free and we have the rights to use it.
  • No limit to the number of designs you can submit, but only one free shirt will be awarded to each FatWallet member and only one design from each member will be allowed in the group of finalists.

Design Guidelines

  • Theme: Black Friday 2013!
  • Max graphic area: 17"(wide) x 18"(high) on a T-shirt front. (We are only printing on one side of the shirt, so no front/back designs please.)
  • Design must incorporate full FatWallet.com logo in green and white or green and black. Image files for you to use are below.
    • PMS green 376 and white; PMS green 376 and black
    • You cannot alter the FatWallet.com logo in any way.
    • Swirl can be used as an additional design element.
  • 4 colors max (including the t-shirt color). The FW logo is 2 colors, green & white or green & black, so technically you only have two more colors to play with.
  • Designs may not include gradients, drop shadows, or glow effects. (They count as more colors to the printers.)
  • Entry must be submitted as a single JPG or PNG file and the resolution must be clear enough to print from your submission. We're on a huge deadline to get these shirts printed and shipped on time, and we don't have time to chase the winner down for a copy of the design in higher resolution.
  • Please don't upload your design image on a t-shirt clip art or background. We want just the design only in it's 17" wide by 18" high shape.

NOTE FatWallet reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not meet design, copyright guidelines or are not in line with FatWallet values. We reserve the right to alter winning design for production suitability. By submitting a design into this contest you are giving FatWallet all the rights to the image.

Brand that baby!

Click images for larger format.

STEP 2: Submit Your Design:

  • Upload only one design per reply to this topic. (If you have multiple designs to upload, please upload them in separate replies so we can disqualify those that need it without disqualifying all your designs.)
  • The deadline to enter is Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 12:00 PM (Noon) CT
  • Any designs that we do not feel can be duplicated for t-shirt silk-screening may not be included in the voting. We will do our best to notify you with a PM in a timely manner so you have the opportunity to submit another entry. It may not be possible to notify you in time if you enter close to the deadline, so please don't wait until the last minute. We will not accept late designs, regardless of unplanned power outages or alien invasions.

STEP 3: Promote & Vote

FatWallet staff will select a group of finalists (the number of finalists is TBD) and FatWallet forum members will select the winning design.  The Voting Gallery will open at Noon CT, Thursday, October 17, 2013!

  • Voting will take place between Thursday, October 17, 2013, 12:00 PM (Noon) CT - Thursday, October 24, 2013, 12:00 PM (Noon) CT.  Winner will be announced 10/25/13.
  • You'll be able to see all the finalists in the voting gallery. (I will post the link for you all when the voting gallery is live!)
  • Only 1 design per user will be allowed in final voting round.
  • Only 1 vote per user during the final voting period. 
  • FatWallet Staff may not vote in the final voting period.
  • Encourage your friends and family in social media to come and vote for your design!
  • We discourage creating alt accounts to stack voting results.  Anyone caught stuffing ballots or cheating will be disqualified, their votes will be erased, and they will lose any badges or entries into the gift card drawings they have earned as a result of this contest.  If a member who has their design in the final voting round is caught stuffing ballots their design will be disqualified as well.

Here are some winners from previous years contests:

2012 Winner

2011 Winners

2010 Winner

2009 Winner

2008 Winner


See all Entries from 2012

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Check Out the New Badges for this Year's Contest:

Design a Shirt

Post a Hot Deal

Vote on a Design

Win the Contest

Let the games begin! 

:) Heather

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Thanks FW! Love this time of year! Time to hit Photoshop (that I got a deal on due to FW).

Go back to the better quality shirts please! The BF shirts last year were a thinner, not as comfortable material. The mid way To BF shirts this year were good quality again.

Green shirt
I am debating whether to enter a serious or joke entry this year.

Verdict: joke it is.

I think the effect of this shirt will be maximized if they are manufactured only in extra small.

You guys are single handedly keeping the USPS in business

So after way too much time for how simple it is, here's my effort...

Oh, and here are links to clipart sources:

MISTERCHEAP said:   Go back to the better quality shirts please! The BF shirts last year were a thinner, not as comfortable material. The mid way To BF shirts this year were good quality again.
  Could that have had something to do with the fact it was a different color shirt?  (Asking staff, not MrC )

the first and last time i'm trying this
it's a sad sad attempt (but i like white backgrounds) but hey, why not?  (i don't know how to size properly...and i'm simple )

(at least it won't hit the max size )

VivYip said:   it's a sad sad attempt (but i like white backgrounds) but hey, why not?
  No I like the lighter colored backgrounds too.  The only one I wear regularly is the maroon and white colored one from the past years.  The black ones just get too hot to wear out here in SoCal.

I think it is quite rude to criticize the quality and material of the shirts. When someone gives you something for free it is best to say Thank You and not post commentary of this nature. Fat Wallet is very generous to continue these promotions considering the economy and the fact that they have no guarantee of any return...I agree it is good advertising, but aside from that it is a truly nice thing to do. Would you tell your Mom if she gave you a gift you did not like? I think not! Think before you hurt other's feelings...

it's about that time.  2 Shirts in my stable so far, I need the 2013 stuff though
@ least it gives me something to do
FW 4 life

clipart source

Here you go.  Attached are design and clipart source info (from MSFT royalty-free clipart-- see http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/Permissions/default.aspx at "Clip Art").

I always love these!

Looking forward to this, I always miss it!

Can't wait to see this year's design

So the winner will be chosen strictly based on popular vote only, correct?
And the vote counts will still be public?

adding another free tshirt to the collection

Black Friday 2013
In for a badge.  Here's my entry.

My Entry.

Fatwallet designed clipart, My re-rendering. Black or green shirt color,

Twerkin' Graphic

Twerkin' Model
I wear last years winner,"Shopping Evolution", all the time. It has become one of my favorite shirts. Can't wait to see this years entries, and the DRAMA!!!!

T-Shirt Design 1A

contest entry
Here's mine


I did one! Now how do I attach it LOL

Fat wallet shirt!
Here's mine!
Click on the pic to see the funny FW jargon variations =o)

Wow. already?
Time flies.

here's my simple design


Larger nemo version



BF 2013 fishing
Do I try again...????

Added text.

added variant...

then 'black' background... seems black t-shirts are the rage.

Image source: http://all-free-download.com/free-vector/vector-logo/piranha_0_109418.html        
Font is from Windows 7, stretched.
Waves and bubbles created and cloned...
free font: http://www.fontspace.com/filmfonts/findet-nemo    
Added font variation... fish theme!

Update: uploaded bigger versions

DoctorDeals said:   I am debating whether to enter a serious or joke entry this year.
  You are the master debater!

Shirt design
No design artist for sure

To borrow a couple words from ct here is another lame attempt. They came from postimage.org 

I'm thinking a few people need to re-read the design guidelines.
...or maybe they just want to make Heather work a little harder!

Stay in
I wore my 2012 shirt while creating my 2013 design.
(Edit: Got rid of asterisks and resized font)

Canucklehead said:   
DoctorDeals said:   I am debating whether to enter a serious or joke entry this year.
  You are the master debater!

  Debate over...see above for results.

DoctorDeals said:   
Canucklehead said:   
DoctorDeals said:   I am debating whether to enter a serious or joke entry this year.
  You are the master debater!

  Debate over...see above for results.

  Looks good!

black friday 2013 entry hunger games
I hope this image attaches...

Flames drawn by hand (trackpad, actually)
Font was donationware (thanks Google)

shirt 1
It's good to be back!  

Entry 1:


shirt 2
Entry 2:


Simple BF w/logo
Keep it Simple.

The text will read:

"I am a mother F'Wer !!!"

Too controversial? If acceptable, I'll work on the actual design.

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