*NOTE-ThinkGeek has closed most of the double coupon code loophole, but they didnt close it completely!

Give a little HALiday cheer to a music or scifi lover.  It's a bluetooth speaker with a remote control with a built in mic for voice commands.  Works with Siri & droid phones according to manual.

A Cyberspace Oddity - IRIS 9000 Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone @ ThinkGeek. com $11.99 + Shipping
Reg $59.99

You must do it in the following order.
1. Switch to ups ground shipping from economy shipping default.  This should wipe any discounts and start with a clean slate.
Code 1
30% off orders $50 + coupon code "RTMNFEST "
Code 2
50% off coupon code "10ONSALE 
4. Switch back to Economy shipping

Should be $11.99 + $5-$6 shipping

Shipping was $5.94 for me (zip 19103).  Add multiple units for $1-$2 extra shipping per unit.

Iris 9000 Bluetooth Speaker & Microphone 

This may work on any of the 10 on sale items as well so have fun and do it fast before they close it again!

Plush Portal Turret with Sound $7 

2 ft r2d2 blow up remote control $16 
12/14 - Price drop on r2d2 $79.99 to $74.99.  Makes him $15 after coupons now.

basically any product on the 10 on sale page is 80% or so off if you do the codes in right order.  No limit to amount you can buy as far as i can tell. 8-)

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seodude said:   This may work on any of the 10 on sale items as well so have fun and do it fast before they close it again!


  What 10 items?

10 on sale 50% off clearance items 
confirmed will work on any item. Just do codes in correct order.

I was ready to go to sleep when I saw your post. Now I am $300+ lighter having purchased things I did not know I needed. Or even wanted. In fact, I am not even sure what or why I bought. But the pressure to act fast got to me, and I acted!

And I am not even a Star Wars fan.

UPS Ground ended up being the same as Economy. There was no need to switch back.

Haha...I spent like $250 on 5 r2d2, 5 portal & 10 iris 9000. At $11 a piece I have gifts for everyone, and most importantly, me. They can just never, ever compare gifts.....

Ummm... what exactly is the IRIS 9000 good for?

As a side note, I notice that an hour after the post, I seem to be the only one taking interest. Either they are too dumb to figure out the deal, or "I" am the dumb one and they know something that I don't. I have a very strong feeling it's the latter.

Iris is a bluetooth speaker (pair with iphone) and stand.  You can use it as a speaker phone and control your music just by talking into that remote thing. It has a mic that talks to siri to control music or whoever is dumb enough to call you.
More importantly, the light blinks.  There are vids of everything on their pages to see stuff in action.

Its a deal that requires a little hoop jumping and is best for bulk buying. Buying one portal plush for $7 and paying $7 to ship it aint so great. Buying a sh!tload of stuff and paying $20 to ship it all is much better.

That's what I did. I am having just a twinge of buyer's remorse, mainly because I am not a Star Wars fan, and don't know anyone that is. That's four R2D2s I will have to figure what to do with.

I missed the Dexter apron.

I included a ton of Hello Kitty, but now I notice that I get only 14.3 oz. of candy per order. That's some inflated prices they got.

I think you will be alright. One sold on eBay for $50 last week. Cheapest one list is like $53. Yours cost less than $20 shipped so you should be able to flip it.
search "r2d2 inflatable" active and sold listings

No, I'm good. Since I am not a fan, I was mixing it up with Star Trek. I do know Star Wars fans after all. Figured out three recipients already.

Thanks OP! 5 R2D2's with 3 day shipping to OR for 116.56

Is anyone else excited to play R2D2 Bumper Cars? It says up to 3 units controlled at once 8-)

i don't think it's working anymore, after clicking place order it says the total has been updated, which is to the higher pre coupon code amount

7.9577 tried what you told me to do..and it worked for me...had to pay $7.95 for shipping but it's still a good deal..

Did what you said to do but first promo code is "invalid" Guess I missed it.

it still works...I just tried it.
close your browser or try a different one. They seem to like to prepopulate the cart with a code and that is what you need to avoid.
change shipping to ups ground or another choice (make sure you get to where there is no discount on it at all) - then rtmnfest - then 10onsale - then change shipping back if its cheaper,

you CANNOT get free shipping with this deal.  Trying to add that will also screw the pooch.  Take the 80% off and pay shipping.  It is almost always cheaper unless you are spending like $10 on one or two things.

it worked!!! thanks!

they just lowered the price of R2D2 to $74.99. So now they are like $15 instead of $16!

Darn! Now how to get a price adjustment? Maybe if I push hard enough, they will change it from $16 to $75.

Thanks OP. Couldn't check out yesterday and had given up. Just picked up 3 R2D2 for gifts. $62 and change shipped.

This does work, I had to use a chrome incognito session to get it. Though I decided to bail at the end anyway, it is available for $12+$6 S&H. I feel like I'm geeky enough without this add on.

Product Subtotal:
Special! 30% Off $50+


Well, that was easy! Even for a mostly computer inept senior.

Looks like my family is gonna get some of the worst xmas presents ever!

Islander83 said:   How are you getting the R2-D2's so cheap? They are $80 - 24= 56 x 50% = $28 what am I missing?
They are $80 x 50% = $40 - $80x30% = $16

Or rather, they are not $80 anymore to start, but $75, so it comes to $15.

I'm not getting that and the math isn't adding up for me.

74.99 at 50% is 37.50, 30% off that is 26.25
74.99 at 30% off is 52.49, 50% off that is 26.25

59.99 at 50% off is 29.99, 30% off that is 20.99

How did you get $12 and $16?

Once again, the 50% and the 30% are off of the full price.

Are you not getting it as in not understanding the math? Or are you not getting these prices in-cart?

I'm not getting these prices in cart. I'm not sure what the % off is, but on the R2-D2, it looks like they fixed something. Total after shipping is ~$30 to MD (for just the R2D2).

It still works. Again, try another browser or go incognito in chrome.
Make sure you change shipping first and get it so it has no discount whatsoever.
then rtmnfest
then 10onsale
change shipping again if it matters to you
DO NOT try to get free shipping. that negates the code combo

Asildroffops said:   I'm not getting that and the math isn't adding up for me.

74.99 at 50% is 37.50, 30% off that is 26.25
74.99 at 30% off is 52.49, 50% off that is 26.25

59.99 at 50% off is 29.99, 30% off that is 20.99

How did you get $12 and $16?

The codes are BOTH taking the percentage off the original price. 
50% of $75 = $37.50   +  30% of $75 = $22.50 = $60 off
You are doing your math like most sane stores would calculate it.  A ThinkGeek programmer left a back door open on his promo code logic and we are just sneaking through.  That is why it is a good sale.

looking like this is dead...anybody still able to use these codes?

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