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nicelittle said:

<< docido said:

<< nicelittle said:

<< I'm kind of having the same concern about the measurement. Adding up all the Pupil distance and eye sizes,
the errors in measurement can be as much as 4mm. Is this acceptable? Please share your experience.

That depends on the prescription. If your prescription is high 4mm can cause problems. If your prescription low, most likely you won't notice anything.

Thank you! Both my eyes are -3.25. Is it low? I forgot how those professional people get the measurement. they also use rulers?


-3.25 is 'medium'... LOL, seriously. Yes, they use a ruler they call a pd stick. It's a small metric ruler. The fancy places use a handheld gadget called a pupilometer.

chumanfu said:

<< I ordered on Nov 7th and the glasses are still not here. I've called a couple of times. they claim that my pair had already been complete and were sent to their California warehouse, but that my glasses didn't pass their strict standards and hence, were re-ordered. The CSR told me to give it another week... Hope mine is a simply an odd case. >>

So their manufacturing standards and their warehouse standards are different?

I ordered my glasses from the Zenni website. One week later they called back and said they could not fill the prescription. They said they would refund my money but have not. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company.

I then ordered from 39dollarglasses.com and they had my glasses to me within one week. I had the prescrition checked and it was perfect. If you want your glasses quickly, I would use 39dollarglasses.com. Their website is also vastly superior.

i ordered 2 from zenni on 11/23. 1 of them arrived yesterday. Emailed them regarding the other one and they say that it should be shipped tomorrow.

The one that has arrived was without the anti-reflection coating. Should have added that coating. So far, pretty pleased with the quality (considering the price). Will update when the other one comes. Thanks everyone~

labwiz said:

<< I got my two pairs of rimless after 2 weeks. One spare and one tinted. They are very light and comfortable, but they seem to be very fragile. They did use big old screws to connect the lenses etc...together and then have the plastic thingies to cover the protruding parts of the screws. It is a bit unsightly to me and the screws kinda get in my vision field. I am planning to have all the protruding parts clipped off if I can. On my tinted pair, they also used the same big old shiny metallic screws which stand out on the corners of the lenses. I think that I will have to put dark nail polish or indelible ink on them to make the screws less noticeable. Otherwise everything is fine for adults. Don't buy this el cheapo glasses for kids or if you have a kiddie temperament. I lost about 3 pairs a year, so it's ok to go cheap. >>

Same thing here with the screws. Did you have any luck cutting it? Will dremel do it? Any idea folks?

BTW, other than the large screws, it's a great deal considering it only cost $35! Thanks OP!

I took my glasses to a jewelry store inside my closest fleamarket. They cut off the screws for me with a very small saw and charged me 1.00/pair. I am quite happy with my glasses now.

I received the glasses I ordered from Zenni yesterday. I got the Stainless steel half-frame with hidden hinge in pink for $22.95 plus shipping.

I am very happy with my glasses! Nicer than glasses I've paid over $150 for. I got it bare bones (no coating or anything). The plastic lenses are very light and comfortable, no fingerprints, cute plastic case, awesome cotton-candy pink half frames.

Thanks OP.

Edited to add that I also order glasses from 39dollarglasses.com. I like those as well, but I broke the frames (taekwondo accident) and decided to go for some metal half frames. These took about two weeks to arrive in Texas.

Anyone find a cheap place for glasses that have a longer temple length? Say, around 145-150mm?

I bought some Zenni glasses as a back up for my old glasses. I received them and they felt funny wearing them; my eyes ached after a while. I had the prescription checked at Costco along with my older pair and the optician said the prescriptions were identical, but the Zenni lenses were the wrong curvature, so they changed my vision. I wore them for a couple of days and they continued to cause my eyes to ache, so I put my old pair back on. I bought a new pair from our local Payless Optical($29.95 for a single (not bifocal)prescription for any frame in the store) using the same prescription as I used on the Zenni glasses and they immediately felt fine.

I don't think I'll do Zenni again. It's unfortunate because they are cheap and have a variety of styles...

Gorillascientist said:

<< I bought some Zenni glasses as a back up for my old glasses. I received them and they felt funny wearing them; my eyes ached after a while. I had the prescription checked at Costco along with my older pair and the optician said the prescriptions were identical, but the Zenni lenses were the wrong curvature, so they changed my vision. I wore them for a couple of days and they continued to cause my eyes to ache, so I put my old pair back on. I bought a new pair from our local Payless Optical($29.95 for a single (not bifocal)prescription for any frame in the store) using the same prescription as I used on the Zenni glasses and they immediately felt fine.

I don't think I'll do Zenni again. It's unfortunate because they are cheap and have a variety of styles...

Your's could well be a case of a problematic manufacturing OR could also be one of the more common syndromes in this country... Pay more to get more, if you didn't pay more, then it has to be a problem. I've bought their magnetic frame with AR coating and I must say, I'm extremely pleased with the quality of my glasses. Great experience... heck even the case and cleaning cloth are v decent to say the least. Highly recommended.

I also will recommend them. I purchased a glasses online with the wrong od/os cylinder but i emailed and corrected it on the phone. However when I received it, it was still the wrong od/os so I couldn't focus using the glasses. I called them up and the guy tidor? that i spoke to was very nice and was willing to accept it and do an exchange free of charge. I don't think you can get that with 39dollarglasses at least from what I can read from their refund policy.

I bought the rimless titanium. The screws are long because it gives you the opportunity to upgrade the lenses should your degress turn higher.. I don't know if you could on the customer comments ask them to shave them off. Anyway the only gripe i have with the rimless is that will. the bridge too noticable. I bought the silver so it looked weird when I see a mirror because the bridge is so noticable. I highly recommend getting a less noticable color.

I also recommend them; I ordered the Memory Titanium Full Rim for $39 shipped including AR coating and prefer these glasses to my $300 Kenneth Cole titanium pair that I got at Pearle Optical (B&M) at the same time. I've been alternately wearing both and for a month and prefer the Zenni pair.

I'll be ordering future glasses from them.

I bought some of the $19 glasses and they are fine. After ordering a second pair they called me within minutes because I have an unusual prescription and they wanted to confirm that it was correct.

We ordered a trial pair for my husband. He put them on and has been wearing them for the last week with no complaints. Although he didn't think it necessary, I ordered him another pair--the titanium ones--as a spare. I hate it when he breaks his glasses and then wears the reading glasses down on his nose.

Zenni has been good to deal with for his simple bifocal prescription and we are happy with the quality.

Lensescrafter is offering $100 off any pair of glasses and frames.

You don't understand on the pricing here. Lenscrafters was far more expensive even after $100 off. The total from Zenni was under $50/everything.

Yeah, I'll never try anything but Zenni again. With the $100 off at lenscrafters, my rimless were still going to be $239.93. They charge $160.00 for polycarbonate lenses -- like it's some kind of rare and expensive option! All of Zenni's lenses are polycarbonate. I got mine in 10 days for $37.90 with a strong prescription and anti-reflective coating. I love the glasses and I'm still suffering from sticker-shock -- I can't believe how little I paid! THANKS!

"Lensescrafter is offering $100 off any pair of glasses and frames"

Our local Lenscrafters got caught using cheap plastic for lens instead of what the customer really paid for:
"LensCrafters officials confirmed Friday that their Monterey store has engaged in a pattern of providing thicker plastic lenses to customers who had ordered lightweight polycarbonate lenses."
That's todays news too.

I would not recommend Zenni. Took them 2 months to send me my glasses. They kept giving me the same excuse, "The factory made an error in the prescription and the glasses are coming." I would rather pay more money for a company that is better organized and has better customer service.

All three of my thumbs are up for Zenni. Haven't worn glasses for years
but always avoided night driving because of "fuzzy flares" around all
lights and signs, etc.

After spending big dollars to get our 10 yr. old daughter glasses I knew
the only way I'd be able to take care of my problem would be to do it
on the cheap. Went to the local optometry college and after pleading
financial woe (they wanted $140 for a student to give me an exam. Yikes!)
was given a full exam for $40. Used their dispensary to double-check lens
width, temple length, pupillary distance, etc. Went home, pulled out
the prescription, filled in the blanks on Zenni's site, took a deep breath,
and hit the send button.

Two weeks and two days later (West Coast) I received a nice pair of gold
memory titanium rimless glasses. They came in a very nice plastic case with
a great cleaning cloth (which I gave to darling daughter... hot breath and tp
works fine for me!). The gold color is actually a bit darker giving them more of
a bronze look which is even better for me than a bright yellow-type gold look.

The anti-reflective coating works super, I drive at night with a huge smile on
my face. (Makes me want to go out at night more often... not!) And yes, I got the funky, "CIA" style flip ons and I love them too! (Daughter disagrees, begs me to
never flip them up in public. Ha! Can't wait!)

The glasses with all add-ons and shipping were about $40. I could've spent an
additional $20 to get the bifocals but having read of someone else having trouble
with where the line was put on their glasses and knowing that our local dollar store
carries a multitude of reading glasses, I chose to not tempt fate in that regard.
The gamble was on the lens and frame style and that turned out okay so for my needs
Zenni helped prove, "beggars *can* be choosers!"

I ordered 5 pairs, 2 for me, 2 for my bro, and 1 reading glass for mom.

1 rimless and 1 full rim, both ti, very happy with the the quality and fit for the price. Compare to the two I bought at American Eyeglass, the 69.95 for 2-pairs deal, it was like day and night. The 2 I bought at AE, lens made out of regular plastic, heavy and not very clear, give me a heachace just to put them on for 2 mins. The zenni lens were poly and clear, even I got so must dust on the lens, its still fell much better and clearer than the other 2 at AE.

The sunglass was full rim, very stylist, and fit my face good, I guess I am one of the lucky one.

For my bro, he really dissapoint with the sunglass styles and fit, the lens quality is good though. Zenni did mess up his regular rimless glasses, he give them a call and was offer to exchange another one for free. Still waiting on that one.

My mother reading glass is full rim ti, and styles, fit, and quality is good.

Their flex ti is hard flex, which mean it's a lot more force to flex them, and they are much heavier than the pure beta ti, my rimless weight at .7oz, and my friend half-frame beta ti weight at .4oz. Though, he pay about 10 times as much for his, so no complaint here.

Conclusion, this is a service for regular face (common face) shape, and the cheapest of all. The lens quality, fram's materials, etc. is a tremedous value for the price. Please don't complaint about the waiting time and slow customer service, you are paying dirt cheap here. You have to realize that customer service cost is very high, that why you pay premium for DOC, Lencrafters, etc., even then, some people will be unsatisfied with those high prive place.

For bi-focal and non-common face/head, I recommend Sears or Jenny opticals, they always have the $99/$129 promotion for a complete eyeglass, including bi-focal, but you won't get the AR, which's kinda important for working in front of the computer and driving at night.

To give you an ideas about the dirt cheap price that you get here, Costco/Sam's optical have one of the best deal in town for local optical store, and here are the price for the lens only, frame cost more than lens in most case.

Poly lens: $44
AR coating: add. $12
Tint coating: add. $12
Progressive lens: add. $49

I have bought lens from costco before, the quality is same w/ zenni, I think costco lens is a little lighter, not 100% positive though.

Anyway, that is my .02c, happy reading.

NxFlash said:

They came in a very nice plastic case with
a great cleaning cloth (which I gave to darling daughter... hot breath and tp
works fine for me!).

I always thought that too--when I was under parent's insurance and got new glasses every year. Then I started wearing contacts and kept same pair of glasses for a while.....ended up getting a lot of fine scratches in the lens. If you are planning on keeping these for a while you'd do well to take care of them with something extra-soft and free of abrasives.

We ordered a second spare pair of the titanium ones from Zenni after my husband was please with the first, cheapest pair.

The titanium pair was still around $50 with shipping and he has been wearing them ever since. His glasses are both lined bifocals with the antireflective coating.

Regarding scratching when cleaning, this is a problem on cheap and expensive glasses. He is very happy with Zenni.

any1 order from this place that has really bad eyes?

my g/f needs a pair of glasses so she can not wear here contacts all the time
but here eyes are like -7.5, -6.5 and the quote we got from the local place came out to be close to 300 bucks

if anyone does. please let me know because this would save alot of money.

are these glasses thick?
how about the cr ones?
and does the lense work good?


Does anyone know where to get inexpensive "polarized" prescription lenses?

I receintly bought a pair of reading glasses (perscription) from Zennioptical. They were less than 30 dollars including shipping, which was perfect for me as a college student. The glasses are comfortable and cute-looking, and the case they came in is quite nice in my opinion. Overall I am very satisfied with Zenni, although it took a month to get my glasses after they were ordered. It was well worth the wait.

Ordered my glasses from them about a week or so ago. One thing, I notice they bill your credit card Instantly, isn't it the law that they can't bill until the items shipped? Also I seem to remember if your order isn't shipped within 30 days they must contact you and give you the option of canceling the order. I know some people here have complained about it taking a month or two. Hopefully mine won't take too long.

i've received my glasses within 2 to 3 weeks. I have to say that they really have a problem with fulfilling orders correctly. One I had a wrong prescription and corrected it over the phone only to get the wrong prescription. The second time, I received the wrong glasses (wrong frame and prescription lenses). This is probably because they get alot of orders but are a small outfit.

In either case I called their number on their webpage and was able to get it corrected. Costs only a dollar to send back but it's like another week or two. It wasn't a big deal to me because I already have a good pair of glasses and it wasn't urgent.

But i'm only about 250. it probably is different for those with higher demands.

This guys are like a mile or so away from my work... I'll give them a call tomorrow and find out if I could drop by and just personally order my glasses.

Got glasses from them yesterday. It took about 4 weeks but the glasses are exactly right and even fit without any adjustments. The only thing I would advise is to fax them a copy of prescription. I entered wrong data on their website but they caught and corrected it the very next day. Thanks a lot OP and all the posters.

Got my glasses this week. It took them 17 days from the time I ordered until I got delivery. I got THESE glasses with anti-reflective lenses. Overall I'm pretty happy with the glasses. The quality seems real good and the prescription seems right. The lens were a little smaller in size than I thought so it will take time to get used to them. Overall I'm pretty happy for $38.00 glasses and this was the shipped price.

I'll keep this thread in mind when I order my next pair of glasses.

Do they take "Benny cards"----medical spending account debit cards that have a Visa/Mastercard logo?


Do they offer higher index lenses?

Someone earlier posted that the index for the lenses from Zenni was 1.57 ...
I have bad eyesight (-8.75 & -9.25) and need high-index lenses otherwise they are coke-bottle thick.

oh for heaven's sake. This is my 2nd replacement for my original order and guess what. they got the order wrong again!!!! Instead of the memory plastic rimless. I got once again a memory titanium with ugly middle curve. I give up at this point.

In regards to the full rimless. I no longer can recommend it because on one of the orders. the alignment is completely wrong so it became crooked nomatter how I try to adjust it. btw. can anyone tell me if they have been able to straighten the temple? They are all bent in a curve and everywhere i've gone, they are unable to straighten it.

I have mixed reviews of this company. The quality of the glasses is far better than I had expected, and the prescriptions seem to be fine. The price can't be beat - for regular and for transitions lenses.

My negative is that of the 2 pairs of transitions lenses ordered, one of them came in with orange lenses! I sent it back, and the replacement i got was the wrong frame style! I spoke with zenni on 3 separate occassions, and on each one was told they would call me back - never got a call back. No response to ANY emails sent over a 4 month period. And after returning the wrong frame via trackable delivery along with a letter stating that if a resolution was not made within 14 days of them receiving, then I would dispute the charges with the credit card company. Still no response in any way from Zenni, so I ended up disputing the charges and received a credit back for the one defective pair from my credit card company.

Summary - good quality frames and lenses, prices that can not be beat anywhere. but terrible customer service (more like non-existant customer service!) Despite that, I will probably order from them again if the need arises.

DerProfi said:

<< This place looks OK if you have an average-sized and average-proportioned head and face, but like www.39dollarglasses.com, this place only seems to stock one size per style Unfortunately, I have to spend a lot more to find glasses that fit me because I've got a huge melon >>

How do you figure out what size you need?

Where do you go to get big wide glasses? I have a big head...and can never seem to find glasses that really fit well.

<< How do you figure out what size you need?

I went to local Sears Optical and Lenscrafters - tried on multiple pairs. Write down the measurements of the frames that you find and like, then use these to base your order on

Ordered basic sunglasses with Zenni. Recieved them in 10 days from date of order. Very nice glasses for < $30.

No problems, everything clean, lenses perfect fit, no scratches,etc..

Can't beat it!

So, is it a safer bet to go with Full Frame instead of Half?

Anyone have the magnetic clip on sunglasses? Are the magnets on the nosepiece really prominent?

I called today and asked a few questions and the man I spoke to was very friendly and knowlegable, so I think I'll give 'em a try.

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