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castro said:

<< you know what would clear up a lot of confusion as far as acronymns go......IF PEOPLE WEREN'T TOO GOD DAMN LAZY TO F*CKING SPELL OUT THE WHOLE WORD!. jesus guys...it would take you about 1 second to write type those extra four letters... >>

Hah...talk about a complete moron.....

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hey castro, you got it wrong. CPN stands for Communist Power Number, if walk into Staples and tell them u have a $200 off $200 coupon, they'll look at u funny, u have to say u have a CPN authorized by the premier himself and that you are entitled to $200 from their capitalist establishment.

What does "Attention: This thread has been 'Slashdotted'." mean?

thanks this helps a lot

what does DMCA mean?

fuGGar said:

<< what does DMCA mean? >>

Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

i was wondering how to use the 3% fatwallet Dell rebates?

Thanks for the info.


<< What does "Attention: This thread has been 'Slashdotted'." mean? >>

My guess would be that the news site for nerds Slashdot.org mentioned the thread in an article.

Slashdot.org is only the geekiest site on the planet. It is heavily visited on a daily basis by all geeks of the world. Any website that makes the news on slashdot or slashdotted as most would say would usually crash because of the overload of visits link from slashdot.

Here is an updated list of all the acronyms since the last time they were compiled. Anything not listed here can be found at AcronymFinder.com.

AC - After coupon
AFAIK - As far as I know
AMEX - American Express
AR - After rebate
AT - Anandtech.com (hot deal site)
B&M Brick and mortar store (A physical retail store as opposed to an online merchant)
B1G1 or BOGO Buy one get one free
BB Best Buy
BF - Black Friday (friday after Thanksgiving. Sales on BF show if stores will profit on the year (run in the black))
BT - Balance transfer
BTW - By the way
Bump - Bumping a thread (to get it to the top of a forum)
BVG - Best Value Guarantee (AMEX's Price-match program)
CC Circuit City
CC Credit card
CMC - Cellular mobile carrier
CPN - Coupon
CSR - Customer service representative
CYM - Check your mail
DD - Deal discussion
DD - Dumpster diving
DMCA - Digital Millenium Copyright Act
EE - gov't bond issued at 1/2 of face value (Patriot bond)
FAR - Free after rebate
FBB - Farm Bureau Bank
FSOT - For sale or trade
FW - FatWallet
FWIW - For what it's worth
GC Gift certificate
GDA Good deal at
HD - Hot deal
HSN Home Shopping Network
HTH - Hope this helps
IIRC - If I recall correctly
IMHO - In my honest/humble opinion
IMO - In my opinion
IR - Instant rebate
ISO - In search of, or type of CD-Rom image file
LMAO - Laughing my a** off
LMK - Let me know
LOL - Laugh out loud
MC - MyCoupons.com (Forums)
MFG - Manufacturer
MFR - Manufacturer
MIR Mail in rebate
MM - Money market
MSN - Microsoft Network
NZR - No zero reply (a reply to a thread for the sake of having at least 1 reply)
OD Office Depot
OEM - Original equipment manufacturer
OM Office Max
OOS - Out of stock
OP - Original poster (author of thread)
OT - Off topic
PM Price match (some retailers/CCs will match the price of a competitor)
PM - Private message
RAOK Random act of kindness
RMA - Return to manufacturer authorization
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my a__ off
SASE - Self addressed stamped envelope
SB - Savings bond
SKU - Unique product ID number assigned by the retailer
S/H Shipping and handling
TIA - Thanks in advance
TLA - Three letter acronym
TRU Toys R Us
TTT - To the top (moves a thread higher on the forum so all can see)
TY - Thank you
TWLA - The world loves acronyms
UPC - Universal product code (unique product ID assigned by MFR)
UPS - United Parcel Service
USPS - United States Postal Service
YAFTS - Yet another free T-shirt
YGM - You've got mail
YGPM - You've got a private message
YHPM- You have a private message (related to forums)
YMMV - Your mileage may vary

Edit 1/29/03 - added various acronyms through 1/29/03, reposted this at the end of the thread (refer to that post for future updates), will add explanation of BVG and PM.
Should I trim the list of acronyms down to those acronyms that are exclusive to deal sites and make people look up common acronyms at AcronymFinder.com?

I found a coupon and not sure where to post.. new here <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>
It is for Carl's Jr.
The Chili Burger
Coupon is $1.00 off..
Here is the direct url for coupon:
<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>

What happened to the Smokin' Space Shuttle Reentry Hot Staples D135 deal thread - it shows up when I use the search function on the FW site but when you click through you end up at the home page.

FW censorship??

What's MSN?


missywho, I would stick it under hot deals. I have seen that kind of thing in there before.

xix84, the latest St@ples D135 thread talks about why the other threads disappeared. I think the OP deleted at least one of them.

Davidutk, some Microsoft marketing manager is going to be pissed that you didn't know that one. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0> But that is what the FAQ is for, so I added it to my list a couple posts up.

Thanks. So Should I buy some kind of service from MSN to be eligible for the MSN rewards?
One more question: what's the SKU?

Nice week!

You don't have to "buy" anything from MSN to be eligible for the reward. As I understand it, you sign up for a MSN Wallet and give your credit card number to microsoft.<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-shocked.gif"border=0> Then, go to a participating online retailer and purchase eligible items using your MSN Wallet instead of your CC. It was a little different last year. I got a sweet deal on an MP3 CD player from Crutchfield last time.

There are more details on MSN Rewards when you follow the MSN Reward link.

I added SKU (as I understand it) to my list. I'm not sure if it is an acronym.

Thanks a lot gfgray!

just returned from shopping at sears. They had a special clearance 17''
compaq computer monitors. Mod fs 740. closeout price 149.00. there is also a mail in rebate available for $150.00. The dept associate said they had 20 to sell. I got mine.

Would someone please email me a $50 off of #200 coupon asap. I need to purchase exactly that amount tonight and it will come in very handy. My email address is marc@valink.com



Would someone please email me a $50 off of #200 coupon asap. I need to purchase exactly that amount tonight and it will come in very handy. My email address is marc@valink.com



I checked the FAQ but couldn't figure out the answer,(because of my ignorance?) to my question of how to PM.

As an example... I came across the following post:

>BB has the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feeback Joystick for $99.99 >before rebate.
>COMPUSA has it for 79.99 IR. Add on a 10% off coupon and you get down to $.20 plus tax>
>$99.99 @ BB
>-22.00 PM to COMPUSA
>-7.79 10% BB coupon
>-50.00 BB Rebate
>-20.00 MS Rebate$.20 plus tax

Do I go to BB, buy the item, turn around and go to the service desk and show them the ad from COMPUSA to get the PM?

Or do I buy from BB online and then call some phone number and tell then about COMPUSA sale to get my PM?

I'm at a total loss at how this works.

If someone can give me an answer, then I think I'll be more at ease using information from this great site.

what's LMAO stand for?

what is the abbrevation of "BVG" ?

I was just wondering where the _______ member list is. How many posts do i have to post to become something other than a 'member'? And what are all the types of members etc etc etc?

ghori1 said:

<< what is the abbrevation of "BVG" ? >>

"best value guarantee"...can some one answer mine now?

LMAO = Laughing My *ss Off

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>


I have seen where some post have a msn rebate applied to the final price where do they get this msn rebate from as I have not seen it on any web sights or listed in there rebate sections


I think the FAQ should have Amazon's customer service number in it...

Can you please add the following to the FAQ?

BVG = Best Value Guarantee = service available on certain American Express CC that will match a price for up to 60 days after a purchase is made on the card.

I agree quinnrj. Many posts refer to common deal tactics like BVG, PM, and MSN rewards. I think the FAQ should have a HOWTO for these techniques. BVG is no longer available on new credit cards, so maybe that one is not so important.

Anyway, I have only tried to PM at Staples online and B&M. Since PMing is different for each store, I am prolly not qualified to write a PM HOWTO. Will someone else write it? I know that some stores you can PM either before or after purchase and i know that there is a BIG YMMV when PMing. My Staples ALWAYS tries to add next day shipping to my PMs.



Due to recent threads.... Let's add an alternate meaning for "DD"... "Dumpster Diving" <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif"border=0>

Wow I think there alot of newbies/ignorant people who should be reading this thread

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