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This is flaming hot.

I have TWC Road Runner and get TV through Direct TV.

I've been charged $45 / month for quite a while.

Just found my TWC Bill on my desk and called TWC billing.

Said I have been receiving other offers and wanted to know what TWC could do.

Call was very pleasant. Operator took a minute and said she could give me $29.95 for 12 months.

No hastles. Just saved $180.

Good Luck.

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I wonder if this is good for DFW as well or are we still left in limbo?

I am in NC. Don't know about other locations.

12 months is very good, but you've been able to do something very similar for years now in my area. I live in San Diego, and we have both Earthlink and Road runner (both running on the same TWC lines) and all you have to do is call and threaten to switch to Earthlink or threaten to switch to Road runner (depending on what you currently have) and they quickly give you the $29.95 for 6 months promotion. Yes you have to call twice a year, but its really not much of a hassle.

I'm sure if you search for Road runner on fatwallet you'll find a lot of discussion on this subject.

Thanks, I'm in Los Angeles, and we're being switched from Adelphia -> RR now because of the buyout. I hope they won't go nuts and raise prices. This little discount seems nice, but is there anything better? Adelphia had $24.95 a month for 3 months.

This $29.99 is for RR standard tier right? like 512k/5M? Can you get a discount for the extreme/premier tier? I heard they are going to introduce a 1M/10M tier here.

I just had somewhat of a similar experience. Called TWC and asked to see if they could lower my internet service rate as I had also been paying $45 a month. The CSR on the phone said she could not lower it, but that if I wanted to cancel she could transfer me to the cancellation representative.

She tansfered me over, I asked the same question, and the lady said "I can offer you 6 months for $29.95. I said "Sure!" Didn't have to threaten to cancel or anything. Thanks OP!

I just signed up for Roadrunner in NC also this week. They have some crazy good pricing if you have DSL or Satellite TV.
They gave me $24.95 for RR Lite (supposedly 3mbps) with no contract and that price is for forever.

Then I called DirecTV, told them about TW's offer, and got a $50 credit and a $10/month price reduction for 12 months to stay with them. Thanks TW! I woul never switch to TW anyway for Cable TV. I love my DirecTV.

Earthlink can get you 34.95 per month for 12 months or 29.95 per mo for 6 mo

I've tried this several times over the past 2 years, and all I ever get is them telling me they can terminate my service or I can contact EL and switch to their promotion. I guess my local call center just sucks. They could care less.

just cancel go to another provider or dsl. then reactivate in few months
with all the gift cards and freebies it is always easier than to "believe"

what a TIME WARNER CSR will "tell" you ..what is spoken is not binding from

does anyone have specific details on which #/department to call. When I called before they were strict and wouldnt lower my rate.

BetterDays said: I've tried this several times over the past 2 years, and all I ever get is them telling me they can terminate my service or I can contact EL and switch to their promotion. I guess my local call center just sucks. They could care less.

I've tried before also. Seems to be available now. Good luck.

Thanks OP! I was looking to save a few dollars on my current RR bill, as I just went to full price ($45/mo) a couple months ago. Now I'm back to $29.95/mo for 12 months after a quick call.

Oh, I'm also in NC.


I'm trying to figure out if I should try this. I took part on a "swith to AOL for broadband" which got me 6 mo at $29 for the higher speed (not lite) package. A month or so after switching I got a notice from TW that they were taking the account over from AOL and I'd continue to get the same pricing.

I have no idea when 6 months will be up, but I don't want to go back to $45 ever again...

NCMom said: BetterDays said: I've tried this several times over the past 2 years, and all I ever get is them telling me they can terminate my service or I can contact EL and switch to their promotion. I guess my local call center just sucks. They could care less.

I've tried before also. Seems to be available now. Good luck.

I just tried again unfortunately <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif" border=0> Green for you since others are having success.

TWC RR has been doing this since they started service 10 years ago! This is nothing new! People post this all the time on FW. You must watch for TWC switching this to RR Lite which is comparable to DSL. btw when you call ask for the retention department.

has anyone successfully gotten premeire internet for $39.99? i know adelphia had it before the switch...

guess best bet is $46 (29.95 + 16)

I have never paid more than $29.99 a month for the regular (now up to 6Mb down, used to be slower) Roadrunner service. Every 6 months they raise it to $44.99 and as soon as I see it on my bill I call and ask to cancel. They ask why and I tell them that since they raised the price I can get a better deal on SBC DSL. They always offer to knock it down to $29.99 for another 6 months.

And if they don't offer to knock it back to $29.99 I will cancel RR and get DSL. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border=0>

I switch between road runner and earthlink and every six months and usually make about a 100 each time I do it and pay 29.95 a month. This last time I switched, dropped my price to $125 and Best Buy gave me a $125 Gift Card!

I just called RR in San Diego and said that I was going to switch to Earthlink. The CR didn't seem to care, so I asked straight out if there were any retention offers to retain my business. She offered 6 months at $29.95, which is the same as I would have got from EL, so I took it. It's about damned time I got a break, as I've been paying top whack for five years, which currently is $49.95.

I called a few months ago when the other thread came up. The local offer here is $34.95/month for six months which the CSR matched no problem. I'll be calling again after the six months are up..and you know, I'm happy with RR service. If they don't want to give me anything I'm staying anyway. I hope people don't get upset if they don't get anything.

BTW, just how fast is RR "lite"? I saw a commerical on TV for a bundled package and it included RR lite. The fine print was barely legible but it looked like it said 768K down? I think we're at 5mb down currently.. I like it but if I could save some $$ I wuoldn't mind stepping down to something around 2-3mbps.

Thanks ProfitAfterRebates, I just called directv and got -$10/month for 12 months <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border=0>

During the last RR/BB promotion, I called to get the $29.95 a month for 12 months, based on the triple play deal TW had going at the time. The small print specifically said that it was good for new or existing customers, so I was a bit miffed when the CSR turned me down. I asked her what she COULD do then, so she did some checking on her computer and said that she could offer me $26.95/month for 12 months, saving me $3 a month. I asked her why, and she said that was their current retention promotion.

In any case, if you get shot down for this, ask what other retention offers they have for existing customers, because you might get lucky.

FYI, this was in Kansas City, MO, about two months ago.

ok, I just called and they said the only retention rate right now is for them to lower the speed

i still use dialup for my internet but i have TWC for my cable TV; i called and asked if they could do anything to reduce my 49.95 cable bill and they said they could give me $5 off each month for 12 months, better than nothing i guess

started new adelphia internet service July 30, bought a cable modem, on a rebate.
Now 23.95 will expire by end of October, still haven't got my rebate.
Donno what to do witha service, it's TimeWarner now.
They run a promo in LA area 29.99 for 6 month, but would I qualify?
please help

Thanks OP !!!!
Also in NC (Raleigh).
Called & was transfered to the retention dept.
After talking w/ the rep for a bit about RR's comparison's to other ISP's, I had to convince him I was still thinking about switching& asked if he could meet the 6 month rate of Earthlink for new customers. He said he could offer the same 12 month deal you got for $29.95/month.
That will save me about $120 for the year.

Hmm... I wonder if this would work for Earthlink/TWC customers. I'll probably try something, as the speeds have crapped out to <1 mbps on certain nights.

we're paying $59.95 for the premium speeds (3/10Mbps). i've always wanted to give a call in for this, will give it a shot this week. the 'lite' service in my area is 512K and it is horribly slow, reminds me of dial-up days. we cut back bigtime by dropping our cable tv (DVR, remotes, digital cable, etc). that all added up to about $80, now it is $18 for basic cable with no boxes.

this is in central FL.

I only thing I don't like about TWC is the there is only 1 day retention for newsgroup. If they push it up for like 5 days, I will jump on this.

Easiest thing in the world. I live in Raleigh and called them just like the OP said. Within a few minutes I was able to get the 29.95/12 month promo. Thanks OP!

Called up cus service and asked right away if I could extend my current 29.95 deal for another year.
Rep offered me an additional 6 months. Accepted it right away. Thanks OP.

UGH.. i have TWC with cable TV and my RR is $44. tried to no avail to get it to go down.. but nothing at all. I live in a co-op building and we already get a small discount and i mean SMAll (maybe $15/month?).. as soon as reps see it on my profile, they bulk at giving anything.

Here in the Hudson Valley of NY Time Warner/RR didn't seem to care either.

We have the worst television reception I have ever seen in my life complete with herringbone patterns and other video noise. They raise the prices on a regular basis and refuse to upgrade the wiring on the streets.

Their answer to all of this is "We'll send out a service tech". The last time I did that I put the television outside the house on a table with the cable coming off the pole going directly into the set. When the tech arrived he was a little annoyed because I foiled the standard answer which is "The problem is inside your house". Not being able to get away with that argument the tech went up a few poles on the block and came back later to tell me that he "couldn't find anything wrong".

A week later I called Time Warner and they informed me that the tech had written up the report determining that the "problem was inside my house".

Two years later I called them again and said that I was going to get sognatures from twenty or thirty residents in my area complaining about the terrible television signal and asked them what they would do. After consulting a higher up the CSR came back and told me that Time Warner would then send out twenty or thirty SEPARATE service calls to deal with the problem.

Remember this when you vote for congressmen who love monopolies.


If it works from the pole and does not work in your house. That means most likely the problem is in the house. Please explain, b/c otherwise that's the worst complaint I have heard.

Interesting. I'm in Rochester NY and TWC Road Runner cable internet is $29.95/month for me with no binding contract required so I can cancel anytime.

I got in for 12 months at $29.95. I was paying $44.95 before. Thanks OP!

I just wish I could get TV for cheaper. I get RR for $35/mo because of a business discount plan thingie. If I could get TV to a lower price I'd be happy. Right now I'm thikning of ditchign cable since most shows can be found online anyway.

kennyz said: Interesting. I'm in Rochester NY and TWC Road Runner cable internet is $29.95/month for me with no binding contract required so I can cancel anytime.

It's not a 12 month contract, it's a special deal that only lasts for 12 months. You can still cancel any time.

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