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Your contract should not be extended. I do nto know how it will affect (if any) flexpay.

Nice find OP. I also have an AT&T plan that I now need to find a discount code for.

Just FYI, my discount started showing with this month's bill. Thanks OP. It helps.

I'm curious. Someone asked if you could add this 10% on top of a corporate discount... My question is similar. I have a family plan with my mother and my mother gets a corporate discount which is applied to the entire bill. I actually work freelance as a video editor and would qualify for this. Would I be able to tack this 10% on top of my mother's corporate discount?


I am existing T Mobile subscriber......I cannot find the 'Migration' form.....
am on the T Mobile Premiere home page, but where is it??? THanks so much for your

I got my 10% off today by calling. They asked for Freelancersunion.org's 1-800 # and my member ID. That was it. The only catch, as long as Freelancersunion is paying them money, we will get our 10%. That means as soon as free lancer don't pay them money or free lancer expires, our 10% is over.

note for people who are out of contract: i just called earlier to add my corporate discount onto my out of contract account, and the lady said that i will not have to extend my contract because i have a current plan. so i think as long as your plan is still one that is offered now, you're fine. if you have a super grandfathered plan, then you may run into a problem.

The salesperson in charge of this account is David at 212-358-3264 if you have problems the regular number can't help you with.

and he did.

Maybe I am handicapped, but nothing happens when I click on T-Mobile...or any of the other graphics. Can't even use open in new window function.

Just did this... This is so fast and easy its crazy.

I just signed up for the discount. The hardest thing was the 11 minute hold time for the T-Mo rep. She confirmed no changes to my contract/billing other than a shift in the billing cycle. When I gave her the Working Today/Freelancers name, she said "Oh yes.." like she'd been getting quite a few of these.

Big thumbs up and Green for MikeDaddy!

will that discount show up automatically without my calling T-Mobile?
then why someone calls?
I'm an existing t-m customer.
thank you.

Get 12% off if you're wife is a Mary Kay rep!

qliang1 said: will that discount show up automatically without my calling T-Mobile?
then why someone calls?
I'm an existing t-m customer.
thank you.

so you followed the instructions on the OP? if so, no you don't need to call.

MrClean09 said: Get 12% off if you're wife is a Mary Kay rep!
Do you have more info on this?

MikeDaddy said: Your contract should not be extended. I do nto know how it will affect (if any) flexpay.

Okay, I've been going back and forth with T-Mobile representatives about my plan, so here's the deal with Flexpay:

You'll need to switch to a post-pay plan, which is obvious from the form. However, the process gets complicated. You'll need to:

1. get a new credit check
2. cancel your existing Flexpay account (no mention of whether or not ETF/ECF fees apply)
3. wait 90 days
4. get a new post-pay account and a new phone number (no mention of whether your contract length will be extended)
5. port the number to the new account
6. Finally, you'll have to apply for the corporate discount all over again.

T-Mobile rep said: Please allow me to provide you with further information so that you can make an informed decision regarding whether you would benefit by changing your account type. First you will have to call our Activations Department at 1-800-937-8997 and request another credit evaluation. Upon approval of the credit check, you would then need to cancel your Flex Pay account, wait 90 days and then establish a new post-paid account with the revised credit score. Our Activation Department will provide you with a system generated mobile number and request your Flex Pay mobile number to be transferred to your new post-paid account. At this point, you may re-apply for your corporate discount. For your convenience, I have attached a blank MCSA form to this email.

Not worth it IMO since I only have a 1 year contract, and my current phone number is amazing.

Bump as it worked! My $72 per month phone bill went down to $50 per month. Thank you so much.

BigFatCat said: bogdatov said: When I'm filling migration form it asks me about 5 phone numbers (bottom of the form) and want me to choose voice/data plans. I'm on grandfathered plan (Family 600 minutes for $49.99) and I do not want to migrate to existing plans. They are more expensive and I'm fine with 600 minutes.

How do I take advantage of this 10% off and KEEP my old $49.99 plan ?

Read the instructions!

Note: It is not required to select a new voice or data plan unless your contract is expired (contract extension required) or you are currently on a Flexpay, Prepaid, or Kid Connect rate plan.

I tried many times to get the Freelancers' membership, never got any email reply. So I went the FedEx way. However, I received a response from a T-Mobile MCSA Migrations representative claiming that, in order to migrate to MCSA, I have to:

1) be on a "currently offered rate plan" (I am on $49 1000 min family plan for 2 lines, still under contract), or
2) "under a currently active service agreement resulting from a handset upgrade."

They offered me to switch plans (to fewer minutes for more $) or extend my contract by upgrading my phone. Neither of which I want to do.

So are there different rules for different MCSAs (eg, FedEx vs Freelancers) regarding migrations? Or is this just some BS from this particular rep?

Seeking advice from the experts that have gotten in on this deal.

As of November, I am 23 months into my 24 month Family Plan contract with 3 total lines. I have an existing plan ($59.99 700AT shared) but I have grandfathered add-ons ($4.99 T-Zones, $10 unlimited family messaging, $8 add on line). As of today, I am also a Freelancers Union member =).

I would like to upgrade the phones on my 3 family lines to something current. Based on everyone's experience, should I do the upgrade through another deal first (RIM, Avon, etc...) or just do it all through the Freelancers Union discount? I've been trying to figure out if there is a benefit to upgrading first and then getting the 10% discount or if it's all the same either way. Is the T-Mobile @Home deal offered through this as well?

Also, does anyone know if a renewal through a corporate discount will qualify for the Free Companion Ticket promo starting on the 19th? That would be a pretty good incentive for signing up for another 2 year contract.

where exactly is the form to transfer your service?

kamax said: where exactly is the form to transfer your service?

T-Mo corporate discount log-in

I am an existing T-Mobile customer. How do I get the discount for purchases and my monthy recurring fees? Where do I go and which forms do I use? Thanks

I am already a T-Mobile customer. Where do I go to find the correct forms to get the Freelancers Union discount off the monthly recurring fees and equipment purchases? thanks

I am currently in my 2-year contract and am eligible to upgrade my phone and resign on Monday Nov. the 10th. Should I do this discount before or after I do the resigning and phone upgrade on Monday Morning Nov. 10th?

I've asked the same question myself and have been thinking about it a lot. If you look at the Free Lancers Union T-Mobile Premier page, it lists the prices for the upgrades and they are all cheaper than what you would normally get from the regular T-Mobile upgrad page. I don't see why you wouldn't want to do the upgrade and contract extention through their discount page all at the same time. I'm just waiting for the Samsung Gravity to come out and then I'm giving them a call.

Just FYI, this is still alive and kicking. I just converted my account.

I just converted also. Love easy money.

Great Post!! Easy Money!!
Follwoing worked for me -

1) Registered at freelancers.org and got the Member ID number
2) Called 1-877-453-8824 (T-Mobile migrations department)
3) Asked them to migrate my personal account to corporate account
4) When asked about my employer I told them "Working Today Incorporated"
5) Provided member ID number and all set

Thanks OP!!

Kinda sketchy to pretend to be a freelancer if you are not one, IMO. Hordes of people becoming members for this deal will undoubtedly raise a red flag at some point, and may endanger the benefit for actual freelancers.

Anyone know if you can have multiple discounts applied?

I already get 10% via my employer? Can I stack this? I see they allow a max of 15%


Can we stack discounts? I see they allow a max of 15% and I already receive a 10% discount via my employer?

If i submit this will they reject me or give me an addition 5% off?

I'm in, thanks OP

hm i just called them and the csr asked me for 2 pieces of identification to prove i work there. i need a contact number and my id. anyone got this?

also i still can't find the migration form in the tmobile site after i logged in. can anyone guide me to where it is? tia.

Oddly enough I had problems using Firefox but with IE I got the form, its a word document.

Megalomac said: You found this? Give credit where credit is due. This was pulled from cccheel @ the "other" site yesterday morning. This is a simple copy & paste job.
Wow. Never expected such an onslaught of negatives towards my little post on the front page. I did not intend to be mean here, I just wanted the OP to recognize the original submitter who found this good deal. That's all.

Apparently he was the original submitter using a completely different name on the "other" site. Ok, fine. No need to get on my case for trying to give a little credit.

im0yrold said: hm i just called them and the csr asked me for 2 pieces of identification to prove i work there. i need a contact number and my id. anyone got this?
You have to register on the site and they issue you a membership #. The CSR doesn't need the contact # if you tell him to look for the Working Today listing and under it is the Freelancers Union.
Remember, you must first sign up to get a unique membership #.
The CSR tried to get me to give him a contact at F.U. and I asked if he couldn't locate the info necessary under Working Today; he did find it.

mrpg said: Can we stack discounts?...If i submit this will they reject me or give me an addition 5% off?
Discounts are not stackable according to previous replies.

I just did this in 15 minutes of online chat with an agent on T-Mobile Business Migration page after logging in.

<TMO AGENT>: Do you have a membership ID number for me to reference?
Me: My member ID is ------
Me: Will this put me under a contract? (I'm not currently under contract)
[TMO AGENT]: Thank you. Also, do you have an email address or a work phone number associated with the Freelancer's Union?
[TMO AGENT]: No. Your contract will remain the same.

... <snip> ...

[TMO AGENT]: With the Freelancer's Union, you get a 10% discount on all your monthly reoccuring charges.
[TMO AGENT]: As for <Company X>, the discount is a varitable discount, which means your monthly discount can be anywhere between 8% and 12% based on how much <Company X> spends with T- Mobile.
[TMO AGENT]: In my opinion, the Freelancer's Union would be your best choice, as you will be receiving a flat rate each month, and you won't be playing a guessing game as to what your discount will be month after month.


[TMO AGENT]: Please agree to the following terms and conditions
1. You remain bound by the Terms and Conditions of Service agreed to at activation with T- Mobile.
2. By participating in your the member account program you will be eligible to receive a variable discount on your monthly invoice determined in accordance with the terms of the master agreement between your employer and T- Mobile.
3. T- Mobile may release your Account Name, Mobile Number, Employee ID, or other account information to your employer for employment verification purposes.
4. The variable discount will only be available as long as your employer participates in the member account program with T- Mobile and then only for the term of your employment.
5. Your current bill cycle will change to 6th.
6. The discount may take 30-45 days to appear on your bill and will be listed under the “Adjustment” section of your statement.

Going through the checkout process in the online store mentioned here, I dont see the 10% off the normal plan price. Does that get applied later?

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