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christinacham said: I really need a new bed! I tried the pillowtop at Sleepys and loved it! Can anyone please post a new coupon code? Thankss!Perhaps you have not been paying attention to recent posts. Everybody seems to love it initially. It's after a while that the problems surface. Caveat emptor!

cga said: Wish I knew what mattress to buy now, because I definitely need to replace the W plush top...Tempurpedic, or Costco (go with the reviews).

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aarzi said: christinacham said: I really need a new bed! I tried the pillowtop at Sleepys and loved it! Can anyone please post a new coupon code? Thankss!Perhaps you have not been paying attention to recent posts. Everybody seems to love it initially. It's after a while that the problems surface. Caveat emptor!

cga said: Wish I knew what mattress to buy now, because I definitely need to replace the W plush top...Tempurpedic, or Costco (go with the reviews).

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Seems some posts questioning quality and asking about alternatives are being deleted, so thanks for posting (before it too is probably deleted).

Isn't there a warranty for the bed deteriorating? It appears that some people have a problem with this bed and others don't. I've tried sleeping on almost all the mattresses at Sleepys and this one was the only one that was "Just right" besides the tempur-pedic beds and those are completely out of my price range =)

christinacham said: Isn't there a warranty for the bed deteriorating?One response:
cga said: The other one is sagging in the middle badly. I'm not sure if the sagging is within what the manufacturer would call "acceptable" parameters. But it's bad.

RobsTV said: Seems some posts questioning quality and asking about alternatives are being deleted, so thanks for posting (before it too is probably deleted).

I went through all 305 plus comments in this thread and only saw one that was deleted due to it being obvious spam. Which posts are you referring to?

christinacham said: I really need a new bed! I tried the pillowtop at Sleepys and loved it! Can anyone please post a new coupon code? Thankss!

35% off W beds, sheets, pillows etc. (Thanks to BigDealDaddy)

Is there any codes for https://www.westin-hotelsathome.com site? We are interested in the Westin Heavenly bedset.

1Thank you so so much! You guys are the best

Where can one try the W bed without going to the Hotel?

Notalent2002 said: Where can one try the W bed without going to the Hotel?

Some Sleepy showrooms have it. Call ahead and see if the ones near you has one.

WD574 works for 35% off

I used WD574 today and it still works for 35% off and free shipping. Ordered a King Plush Mattress and I'm crossing my fingers this bed will be great.

I purchased the queen plush about two years ago. I'm very disappointed with the bed. It has become very soft and there is noticeable sag on each side where we sleep (average bodies). Your body seems to roll into the depression. The sides of the mattress are very firm, so you feel like you have to move 'uphill' to have more space. I recently bought a 2" mem foam topper which helps a bit, but this is a really unacceptable. I wish I could return it without paying some exorbitant shipping fee. My 25 year old guest room no-name mattress has better and more even support than this awful thing. I feel totally ripped off.

Let me explain what usually happens with ALL mattresses out there. As time goes on, the padding develops permanent body impressions and indentations, which can be extremely uncomfortable. In general, the more padding your mattress has, the more prone it will be to developing body indentations. Hence, the reason that pillow top mattresses, for instance, tend to have the highest number of complaints related to this issue. In general, just keep in mind that the softer the mattress and the more padding it has, the more problems you are going to have with body impressions and indentations. What also matters is whether you have a tendency to sleep in one spot or if you move around a lot (if you tend to sleep in one spot, even with regular rotations body indentations will develop faster).

The above is true even for very expensive mattresses, although the material used in the padding does make a difference in how durable it'll be. So, for instance, visco foam that used in more expensive mattresses tends to be somewhat more durable than the cheaper foam that's used in the W mattresses but even with that, the difference in durability is not going to be night and day.

If you want to minimize the chances of having to deal with warranty claims, the best thing to do is to purchase the firmest non pillow top mattress out there and to then customize its cushioning with mattress toppers. This way, once the topper wears out and develops permanent body impressions, you simply replace the topper. Personally, I am not a big fan of this approach because we like firm mattresses (so, we don't really need a topper) and because I don't like dealing with toppers but this is essentially the only cost effective way of handling the body impression issue if you want to avoid dealing with warranty claims.

As I've previously posted, all mattress manufacturers provide that indentations of 1.5" (for Simmons, indentations have to exceed 1.5"; for Sealy/Stearns and Foster/The Hotel Collection (it's all the same company), indentations have to equal 1.5") make the mattress defective and qualify it for a warranty replacement. Please note that for a lot of people, a mattress will become extremely uncomfortable way before the indentation gets to 1.5". You also have to keep in mind that mattress stains will cause ALL manufacturers to deny your warranty claims, so using a high quality mattress cover is essential to maintaining your warranty rights.

Also remember that manufacturers' warranties almost exclude shipping and delivery charges. All warranty claims are always administered by your original retailer (the manufacturer only gets involved if the retailer is out of business), so if you are ordering from an out of state one, you may need to find out how warranty support is handled and who picks up delivery charges. As I posted earlier, we purchased our mattress from Macy's, which takes care of all handling and delivery charges on warranty replacements, so that our cost is $0.

That's useful information, geo123, but I share blueberrypie's disappointment with the W bed's plush queen top. However, the W plush queen in discussion is definitely not soft. The reason I never buy pillowtops is because they always, usually sooner rather than later, conform to the body in pretty short order and form significant hills and valleys. When the deal was first mentioned (with a 40% off code) the W plush queen looked good on paper and seemed like a bargain.

I was originally very happy with it for a year or so. As a matter of fact I ordered two of them. The second mattress is part of a guest bed and is still in virtually new condition.

After two and a half years or so I began to notice the indentation more and more. My mornings were, and still are, unpleasant because I wake up feeling like I'd been beaten with a rubber hose all over.

I measured the indentation a few weeks ago with a long 2x2 and it's about at the 1.5 inch point. The bed is extremely uncomfortable now and the only thing that's kept me from contacting the company is inertia. But it's so bad now that I just have no choice. It's gotta go, whether they agree to replace it or not.

If you look back in this thread you'll come across a post I made a while ago. A post very similar to blueberrypie's. I wanted to warn people about this bed. It's funny, because the best thing about this bed is the very firm perimeter. It's still very firm, and I know I'll miss that in my next bed, which probably won't have this feature.

EDIT: The last post I mentioned might have been in another of the W bed threads. They're used to be at least a couple.

cga said: However, the W plush queen in discussion is definitely not soft.It's all a matter of context. For instance, it has substantially more padding and is substantially softer than the extra firm version of the same mattress (the "extra firm" version is not branded a W mattress, so it's not available from the W store).

I am not defending this mattress or the deal in any way. In fact, if you look through this thread, you'll notice that I previously posted about the marketing gimmick that is associated with this mattress, which causes a lot of people to think that they are getting a better deal than they really are. As I pointed out at the time, it's actually fairly easy to beat this deal at plenty of reputable local retailers that will also offer much faster delivery times and probably better warranty support (it's always better to deal with a local retailer when it comes to warranty issues).

All I am saying, however, is that over time the padding on all mattresses will compress and form uncomfortable body indentations. I know, because we've been through Stearns & Foster, Sealy (Sealy owns S&F), Serta and Simmons. As I also mentioned above, we previously purchased a Simmons Worldclass (a real Worldclass mattress, not the W one, which is a Classic mattress with 25 extra coils) cushion firm non pillow top mattress about 2 years ago and just had it replaced under warranty, which is exactly what we've done with all other mattresses as well. In my experience (although I am quite particular when it comes to body impressions), all mattresses, even high quality very firm non pillow top ones, develop uncomfortable body impressions every 2-4 years. As I mentioned in my previous post, cheaper mattresses, such as this one, use lower quality foams, which are less durable, so body indentations do form faster in them. But even more expensive mattresses with higher quality materials are still very susceptible to this problem. Just like you said above, the problem is 10 times as bad in pillow top mattresses.

We've gotten pretty proficient at the warranty replacement process, however, so it's become a pretty easy replacement process for us


Yes, I agree with all of your points, except for one.

Other than cots and some of my college dormitory beds (young bodies don't care what they sleep on for the most part), in my opinion the W plush top queen is (was, I should say) comparatively firm. It's the firmest I've ever bought and slept on. So firm that in the beginning it felt like a rock. I put a good quality, thick, cotton mattress pad on top. That helped a lot, and you would think should have mitigated the indentations. I can only wonder how bad the mattress would be now without the thick mattress pad. So the mattress was pretty OK for about two years. Others, on the other hand, may have categorized it as too soft when new.

Comparatively speaking, I'd still label it a firm mattress, even though I understand there is a firmer model. I recall in the original W bed thread, a lot of people thought it was too hard, but others felt it was too soft. But the former were in the majority I believe.

By the way, the worst experiences I've had with a mattress was a new Stearns and Foster I bought five or six years ago. I bought a very expensive pillow top for my ailing Mother. At the time she was no more than 120 pounds. But the pillow top deformed and took on the shape of her body to the tune of at least two inches in just a few months. Stearns and Foster refused to replace it and also refused to issue any credit. So I'll never buy another SF product again. Especially taking into consideration the fact that it's considered a premium product and priced accordingly.

Glad to hear you've had good luck getting replacement mattresses in the past. I've never had any luck at all. I'm not sure what the warranty is on the W bed, and whether part of it is prorated or how long the full replacement period lasts. But I'll be finding out soon enough and will report my experience here.

Looking for promotion code for Sheraton's Sweet Sleeper box springs & mattress. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!!!!!!

How's the price of $1250 for king size pillow top (with code)? As I only see prices discussed two years ago and that range was in 800s. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Also all I see is W Hotels bed. I mean no heavenly vs Sheraton or other varieties mentioned earlier.

here is a new special code that is good for 40% off the bed. it does not work on the other items. it is only good for two more days so use it fast

Is this for the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed? I tried it and it doesn't work.

Is the 40% off still available for the W Bed or is it now 35%?

Any deals available for February? Interested in ordering a bed. Thx!

25% off site wide for the next two days. Coupon code P2R6K

does anyone know if the $125 frame they sell w/ this has the extra leg in the center? thx

Anyone know how often they offer the 40% off discount?? I'm looking to buy a bed over the next few months and wonder if I should hold off..

40% off going on right now. I just placed my order for a king size plush for $1001. no shipping and no tax. coupon code K7H9V.

Mstifster11 said:   40% off going on right now. I just placed my order for a king size plush for $1001. no shipping and no tax. coupon code K7H9V.

Hope you will have beter experienc than what I did. Just posted in other thread:

Ordered the King Plush mattress during this deal and got a complete junk after 3 weeks.

The thing completely sinks, got bad back in 1 night. Tried one more night -- could not take it

W Hotels has no phone customer service at that number.
You can leave message and number to call back but they do not call back

They respond to email and absolutely refuse to take back returns pointing to their site
What a crappy product. I got taken like some others. No recourse to get a refund.
I am willing to take some hit on shipping and otherwise but no go with email CSRs
CSRs claim if you accepted it you cannot return. But There is not a way to know
if product is acceptable without accepting and unwrapping and trying out even briefly.

Maybe credit card dispute ? Absolutely stay anyway from this company.

Will spend some time now to make others aware, having spent considerable time trying to amicably work some solution with the CSRs

Someone pointed me to their BBB rating that happens to be -F on a scale of A to F !

Anyone have a new coupon code?


This is an exciting site where the prices yes do vary but look at the selection/discounts...worth a shot in the dark here.

I'll try not to rehash too much, but almost five years ago I purchased two queen sized Simmons Beautyrest plush mattresses (with box springs) from W hotel using a 40% code. Seemed like a good deal at the time. One of the sets has served mainly as a guest bed, so it's still in good shape.

The other one started to sag a couple of years ago. I discussed the situation earlier in this thread and also (I believe) in the original W Hotels bed thread. Thing is it sags only when someone lays on it. And it sags badly. The body aches make getting up in the morning unpleasant. However, when just laying there all by its lonesome, looking at it you'd think the mattress was almost new. No sagging. By the way the bed has NEVER been subjected to any heavy weights or trampoline type activity. And the frame was purchased new with the mattress. I've always used a high-quality thick mattress pad. So the mattress is not ripped, damaged, or stained.

It has a ten year non-prorated warranty, which must be handled through Simmons (not W Hotel). The CSR confirmed the mattress is still under warranty but informed me that under normal circumstances their "inspector" must find at least a 1.5" indentation in order to approve a replacement. If this is not the case, a replacement will not be approved unless the inspector finds something else wrong with the mattress.

So now I'm waiting for the inspector to call (within 3-5 business days). I'll update when I see him, but frankly I don't expect much.

Other people have complained about sagging Simmons plush Beautyrest mattresses, so I know my situation is not uncommon.

I tried using the 40% off code today to no avail. Is the deal off?

Just following up on my previous post (two up) regarding my sagging W Hotel Bed, which by the way is a Simmons Beautyrest queen plush with the W logo emblazoned all over the top.

The "inspector" checked my mattress today. First he made sure the frame was OK and looked for staining, etc. When he determined there were no other problems that would account for the problem he measured the center and found 1.25" of sagging. That's a quarter inch shy of a pretty much automatic replacement under the 10 year non-prorated warranty. He said the final decision is not up to him, that it would pass through four (!) others first, and that I could expect the verdict in seven working days.

He agreed that another few weeks of sleeping on it would almost certainly increase the sag by the required quarter inch, and that any reasonable person would understand that the extra quarter inch is more or less a dead certainly. He said if they deny my claim, I can have the bed checked again in a week or two.

He also mentioned something that never occurred to me. Some people place a weight in the center of the mattress and leave it there for a few days before inspection. Bowling balls (16 pounders) are commonly employed for this purpose. I'm guessing if I had left some weight on the bed for even a few days, the mattress would have easily caved in that extra quarter inch.

If/when they deny my claim I'm definitely going to repeat the inspection process as many times as necessary. Don't think it will take too long to create that extra quarter inch..

For the individuals that purchased the W Hotel Bed Plush Mattress, why did you choose Plush vs. the W Hotel Pillowtop Mattress? The Westin Heavenly bed seems to be a pillowtop mattress.

40% code someone gots it I know it!!!! share yo

livcomputers said:   40% code someone gots it I know it!!!! share yo

Yes, please share

Any current Coupon Codes out there, looking to buy some pillows...

As promised in a previous post, I'm back to report on my progress getting this mattress replaced due to sagging. I realize the great majority of people reading this thread care only about the discount codes and other "good" aspects of this deal and mattress. I can understand that. But I'm here to point out that assuming the quality and construction of the W plush queen mattress has not changed since I bought mine...potential buyers may want to consider buying something else.

Summarizing my previous post...the initial inspection resulted in a reading just shy of 1.50 inches of sagging, which meant no new mattress for me. But for reasons unknown, Simmons scheduled a second inspection without any prompting from me, even though I definitely would have asked for another inspection..after a little preparation.

Let's just say with a little help from a stack of hi-fi gear strategically placed and then appropriately removed, I was prepared this time. The inspector's gauge showed slightly over 1.5 inches of sag. Great. Based on that he said Simmons (this is a Simmons Beautyrest) would likely agree to replace the mattress.

A couple of weeks later I finally received written confirmation that Simmons had agreed on a replacement under the ten year non-prorated warranty. But it was a strange sort of confirmation, because Simmons agreed to replace the mattress as a one-time courtesy, but only if I agreed that it was not defective. This, even though according to Simmons' own definition and the photos taken by the inspector, the degree of sagging was clearly greater than their 1.5 inch threshold, thereby indicating a defect.

Simmons also wanted two of the mattress tags but did not clearly describe which of the two out of at least six tags they meant. They also imposed an $85 shipping fee (no personal checks please) and clearly indicated disposing of the old mattress was my problem. Also, I better get my rear in gear because they had to receive my reply no later than ten days after the date of the letter (already four days old). The overall tone of the letter was shall we say a bit unfriendly and demanding.

So now I'm awaiting my new mattress, which I'm pretty sure will start to sag again before the initial ten year non-prorated warranty has expired. I will make a long-term mental note to report back here with that interesting tidbit, if possible.

Add me to the list of saggers, I bought a king non-plush top about 4 years ago and it has been uncomfortable for at least 2 of those. I also have body indentions. I rotated the mattress 180 degrees which worked for about 6 months.

All mattresses suck nowadays. This is why i ended up getting a firm mattress, and then added an expensive latex foam topper to get it to the comfort I wanted...

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