Yes, I am well aware of the health implications as is every other smoker. I'm posting this because loose tobacco for cigarette rolling is going to double or triple in total cost starting April 1st due to a ~2200% increase in federal tax. Buying loose tobacco and filter tubes and stuffing your own cigarettes has been the least expensive method by a factor of 3 or 4 for quite some time now, but its about to get a lot more expensive. Tobacco, if kept properly humidified, will never go bad (go worse) so now is a good time to stock up.

Alright, on to the deal. Lowest price I could find on my favorite brand (American Spirit) was at They have American Spirit Rolling Tobacco in both Original and 100% US Grown blends in 5.29oz cans for 12.60 each when you buy 6 or more. Add $100 worth of products to your cart for automatic free UPS ground shipping. They also have empty premier cigarette tubes for 1.75 per 200/carton. Get 3 cans of tobacco for every 2 cartons of tubes, and it comes out to $20.65 per carton of cigarettes. Rolling machines start at 6.25 and go up to 49.99; the best and fastest ones are the crank style. Compare this to buying them premade (7$/pack or $55/carton here in Seattle) and its an extremely good deal. I have asked around and these cans will most likely be in the $25-30+ range starting April 1st.

I like the American Spirit because it doesn't contain any additives or preservatives and for its taste, but there's also other brands range from as low as $11/lb for Amphora tobacco for an equivalent price of $7.25 per carton.


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what loose tobacco tastes like Marlboro lights ?

rebatemachine said: what loose tobacco tastes like Marlboro lights ?

The difference between regular and light cigarettes is usually just the filter for most brands, the tobacco blend is the same. You just have to purchase light tubes.

Heres a link to the best site of reviews I can find, I haven't tried many different kinds of RYO or had enough Marlboro lights to give you any suggestions.

My husband buys his tobacco by the pound. The price for tubes on this site are fantastic.
In Arkansas we are facing an additional new state tax so it is stock up time for us for certain.
Right now a Pound of Tobacco is 14.00 Tubes are 4.00 a box. I will get the tobacco here and get him a bunch and order tubes from this website.

Premier are good tubes.

Thanks for the linky!

How is this a hot deal? Maybe it's a $0.50 cheaper than other sites when you buy in bulk?

Anybody have a recomendation for ordering Marlboro cigs for cheap to stock up?

hesselite said: How is this a hot deal? Maybe it's a $0.50 cheaper than other sites when you buy in bulk?

Its not only the cheapest but also the only one I found with FS. Next cheapest I could find was 12.99 but for the quantity I was ordering (24 cans) the shipping would have been 41.60. Also I wanted to make sure people knew about the impending tax increase, and I have been buying these for 18.99/can and thought I was getting a good deal. 24 cans should last me 2 years and as is I'll be saving a couple hundred bucks at least and who knows how soon they'll hike the taxes again.

I joined Marboro . com for myself and my wife (2 different e-mails - same address). They send us coupons in the mail which come in handy.

Thanks for the heads up on the tax increase, psycho.
So much stuff blowing up in the world that this just slipped right past me.

That retailer is also cheaper than the one I've been using.
I placed an order just large enough to capture the FS.
Will place a much larger one prior to 4/1 if they work out.
Still good black market items if I ever get around to quitting the #@$^ stuff!

ganjagadget said: Anybody have a recomendation for ordering Marlboro cigs for cheap to stock up?

If you don't mind lying about your customs, under $30/carton is the going rate for US Cigarettes shipped from outside the US or from Native American Tribal Nations inside the US who don't much give a damn what Uncle Sam tells them.

Generics are much cheaper.

Edited to add: Google for "Discount Cigarettes" for about a million sites...

I was rolling my own but I never used a tube or a roller. I have tried American Spirit cigarettes they weren't bad, I usually smoke Marlboros.

Which crank roller do you suggest? And which papers work better with tobacco. Paying a hundred dollars is like a carton and a half for me, I'm going for it. Thank you for the information. I wonder how hard it is to grow tobacco?

joy2bklyn said: I was rolling my own but I never used a tube or a roller. I have tried American Spirit cigarettes they weren't bad, I usually smoke Marlboros.

Which crank roller do you suggest? And which papers work better with tobacco. Paying a hundred dollars is like a carton and a half for me, I'm going for it. Thank you for the information. I wonder how hard it is to grow tobacco?

I have a premier Excel, it works pretty well. The more expensive ones have more metal blades and parts that need cleaning/oiling and the cheaper ones take too much time IMO. All the ones that cost more than 5 bucks are going to use the filter tubes, which are basically empty cigarettes that the machine stuffs. The cheap 3.50 ones take just normal rolling papers and make an unfiltered cigarette, not really my thing and also its faster just to do it by hand if you want to go that route.

A plain hand roller is a waste of time. If the tobacco is good it will roll easily. I tried a common well know tobacco and I cant imagine it being shoved up a paper tube without it tearing, no joke. The tobacco looked like it was swept of the floor. It had twigs and definitely was way to dry. Maybe it was old but it was nasty! I checked out the site with the descriptions of the rolling tobaccos it was informative, so many choices so little time before the huge tax increase. Thank you for the info I appreciate it.

Watchman: STFU please.

Everyone else: How long is this stuff good for? I dont smoke but in case of the apocalypse I always thought it would be a good idea to have a small box of barter goods like this. I thought I heard it goes bad after one year. I wouldnt mind having a few pounds of this in my closet to trade to the invading chinese zombies for my life.

I have never smoked a cig in my life but I know how to roll my own.

carabuser said: watchtower7 said: DDT was legal once too.
poison is poison.
and allowing advertisement of it on fatwallet is a moral choice.
step up to the plate and change your policies.

The point is, that tobacco is still legal, and we still have freedom of speech (for now) I think tobacco and alcohol have become the thing to stray our thoughts from much more sinister things going on in this country. Oh and this is just one little example of many more tax hikes to come,

O ne
B ig
A **
M istake
A merica

Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul

The fact is, your party is the one that damaged free speech more than anyone in the history of the U.S. Wiretapping, anyone?

I am NOT an anti-smoking guy -- do what you want, but do believe it should be taxed to compensate for kicking up healthcare rates for smokers as they get older in Medicare. The fact is, we're all responsible for your healthcare after you turn 65, and if you smoked for 50 years, you're likely going to have problems after 65.

Pay to play, is all I ask, and these taxes are fair. If not, quit smoking.

Gambler Ultra light tobacco using the gambler light tubes is the closest I have found. I have been rolling my own for over a year now usually get 3 cartons out of one 16 oz bag. I have had other friends that smoke Marlboro lights try mine and they don't notice the difference. PS save your old cigarette boxes to put them in in the future at home i keep an antique wooden cigarette on my coffee table it holds 60 cigarettes I can roll a carton in about 45 minutes while watching TV i use a Top-O-Matic single crank machine.

This was an informative post put up about a decent deal on a tobacco product. It has strayed...Where are the moderators?..FW is inconsistent with the rules!

Can anyone really answer HOW long this tobacco will last / stay fresh? Seriously considering rolling my own, as a carton will soon cost UPWARDS of $6x.00!!! NEARLY half of that will be taxes (Fed and STATE!!!).

Tobacco is good for as long as you keep it at proper humidity, usually around 65%. With the stuff that is in cans it should be fine at least a year or two but for the plastic bags its hard to say since the bag will be at least slightly gas permeable so it will go dry over time. I wouldn't get more than a year supply unless you have a humidor of some kind; I use 38 cup lock & lock boxes with humidity beads so it doesn't have to be too elaborate just something to keep the tobacco from drying out.

No more off topic discussion here folks. If your post isn't about the deal, it will not be allowed.

Anyone receive their order yet? Please post at least one date code (only American Spirit) from the package. American Spirit told me that their product is good for 6-9 months (I know it will still be "good" after that time frame). It came up during a conversation about packs of cigarettes, but I assume its about the same for loose tobacco.

I don't know how it is for loose tobacco, but the way that you read the date code from the bottom of a PACK or American Spirit cigarettes is:

ex: 00994 is the date code. Split this into 009-9-4, it means (in this order) the 9th day, of 2009, on machine #4.

Please post an American Spirit loose tobacco date code purchased from

3198 for my Original blend, 2198 for my 100% US Grown.

psychokids said: 3198 for my Original blend, 2198 for my 100% US Grown.That's pretty fresh psychokids! Thanks for posting that. I guess the loose tobacco doesn't have a [rolling] machine number, so it is 4 digits rather than 5. Lock-and-Lock containers are great by the way. Good stuff psychokids, thanks again!

Deal expired!

Date code: 0589 Original blend

I buy Mcclintock for about 16.50 and 3 something for tubes , equals out to about 20 bucks a carton, been rolling for a year now and went from spending over $300 a month for I and and my girlfriend to about $150, was $75 before the tax increase, I was a Marlborro smoker before but the Mcclintocks taste just as good, this has to be the worst tax increase ever on anything in the U.S.A

Buying Mcclintock here in MD, with rolling tabacco and tubes I'm spending about $20 a carton, I was a Marlboro smoker for at least 20 years and I'm glad I deciced to roll my Own

I have one of the less expensive plastic slide stuff machines that I have been using for years (Well before the new bend over tax) and it works great. What I need is a source for the small plastic nipple that slips into the front for holding the tube in place any info out there???

joy2bklyn said: FW is inconsistent with the rules!

That's nothing new.

(Yeah, I know this post won't last long)

years and years, tobacco gets better with age. if you can afford 5 or more years worth go for it it will not go bad, if it is packaged poorly it can dry out but that if fixed simply be putting the tobacco in a bag with a little water for a day or so it will re hydrate.

I stopped buying the in the US when my bloodsucking state tacked on a $10 tax per carton. Now I buy them from the Ukraine. $15 a carton shipped.

I was using the loose tobacco in order to cut down on my smoking. The tax increase made it difficult. If anyone care, this is what I did: bought a case of rolling papers
at Costco. Rolled my cigs. like slim joints(roll them tiny, don't fool yourself). I got down to smoking the equivalent of 3-4 cirs. a day. I am not what the authorities
call a chipper. If you can't stop, don't beat yourself up. Try to cut down the amount you smoke. Life is not black and white; why should are addictions be treated as such?

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