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I have an iPhone 4s and I'm thinking about upgrading to a new phone. I've heard a lot of hype about the Samsung Galaxy but I really love my iPhone. People who have tried both, I would love your opinion! Should I stick with Apple and get an iPhone 5, or move on? (I really like the Google Maps feature - I use it on the regular, and I know there is no app that's comparable currently in the App store... that's a big issue for me)

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If you are used to an Iphone you will have a bit of a learning curve on the Galaxy.
It's a better phone with a bigger screen and slightly better 4G (IMHO) but the Iphone makes life EASY with all the COMPATIBLE apps.

Though I am curious how you can 'Upgrade' from a 4S when it's only been out for 14 months.

Well my current 4s has a cracked screen so I would be "upgrading" to an uncracked screen

Thanks for the feedback!

Lol that's all? Pay $75 and have someone local fix it.
All the PC shops around my area have converted to Iphone fix it shops. More money, and REPEAT business from the Anger Management candidates.

if you have LTE in your area then it might be worth it to go iphone 5. LTE + iPhone 5 = Awesome

Personally, i would go with Galaxy. 4,0" with that kind of ratio is just to small for me.

I prefer the Galaxy over the iPhone.

That said, it's a different operating system. You will need to build up a new app library when switching devices. This might mean buying the same apps again. If that is a concern, then I would stick with the iPhone.

Competition between Galaxy and iPhone will never end. They will come up with new features and surprise us every month. I suggest you to wait for some days more in this new year apple or Galaxy will come up with new phone. For now I suggest, Galaxy is better than apple.

I was thinking about this question too! I currently have a Motorola Atrix and was thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 5. If you're not in a real rush to upgrade, I would suggest waiting until next year (new phones of Q1, maybe?). If none of the new Android tickle your fancy at that time, then go with the iPhone. The Galaxy S4 is rumored to come out next year, so if you're not into custom romming and want to stay with updates then iPhone would be better IMO, because it constantly stays up to date rather than Androids that get old after 6 months.

Androids are very nice though.

It's personal preference, it's your choice, depends on what you want?
You want to explore new things? You want the flexibility of the phone?
Majority of old people or people who don't want a new change, tend to stay with iPhone since it is the same, same OS, same interface, same icons, same icon location, because those are the same so users don't have to re-learn "where is the settings?""how to turn this on" ..... kind of things.
Performance wise: I say 10 vs. 9.5 iPhone wins
Look and feel: 10 vs. 10.
User Control: 2 vs 10. Galaxy wins
Easy of use: 10 vs 7. iPhone wins

Play with both in a store. Pretty much every major app anymore is available on both platforms so just figure out which interface you like better.

My vote goes for the droid. I had the Galaxy S1, then the iPhone 4S and now I'm back to the galaxy range, with the S3.
One reason for opting to go back to the Android platform is the customization available for flagship phones. For example, I like the Android ICS interface from the Nexus 3 but don't like that it has less power than the S3 (back then, the N4 was not yet available). In consequence, I bought the S3 and I flashed it with pretty much every custom ROM available out there. Most of them are quite unstable for day to day use, so I decided to stick with the standard ROM and just remove parts which I did not like. This way, it somewhat resembles the Nexus UI.

Another reason is the fact that the iOS UI has not changed much since it was released, so that's a big NO for me. It's not for geeks at all..

*every phone out there has a battery which begins to diminish after its 100th charge. So I think being able to replace a battery is a pretty big issue

This is an open ended question and as useful as saying what's better an Alienware or a Dell?

maybe some of Alienware's which is known for gaming, has business model's are more suited for a student, whereas some of Dell, which is known for businesses and students, has models more suited for gaming

The quesiton is what do YOU want?

Personally I always choose the android. An analogy to PC, while a MAC offers ease of use, it has huge compatability and poor follow up issues. Take for instance iTunes, there are some things 8 years later that I can't do that are pretty basic on iTunes, like reading lyrics, seeing the average decibels for a song, or reducing the 'volume' of a sound of all songs by default across different devices. You also can't sync non Apple products with ease (ie a Zune). A lot of security and licensing issues too (DRM).

Android has a very standard google platform where typing in your email will pretty much bring everything up from apps you've installed, to your gmail, youtube accounts etc. Even from a wipe or when you get a NEWer phone

If I were considering a droid right now I would only look at three models based on battery life and rough advantages.

Razor HD- Amazing battery life,7 days on a custom rom, great screen, beautiful build quality. look up the external battery or sd card for here

Google Nexus- straight from google, so it has all of the updates directly from google.

Samsung Galaxy s3- great support for custom development, overall the best all around phone, more support than the nexus, but less battery than the Razor. An external battery and memory card, great acessories like a thin screen protector, an extended batteries, good prices, and a great variety, have one, got it for $150 on contract, and never looked back. really fast but battery efficient dual core processor.

You could also 'root' or jailbreak your phone and have custom applications and administrative rights installed on it MUCH easier than apple. Say you use it only for texting and browsing and want to lower the speed of the cpu so you burn less battery, using low intensity processes and applications, you can go into your phone and lower the cpu/voltage on your phone.

An android is basically a mini PC, you have a lot of customization, it has a lot of uses, independent support, and is cross compatible and developed. Apple is like OS, its great, slim, colorful but simple, has compatability issues, hard to troubleshoot, and lacks a lot of non-Apple devloplement. In my opinion overpriced hardware with ease of use and compatability with largely only apple products. The inability to buy say an extended battery and replace it, or more memory for apple is the icing on the cake for me and a lot of smart consumers (basically is the difference in cost between say a 16gb iphone 5 and a 32gb iphone 5 worth more than a 32gb microsd card you would stuff into your android? Although the iPhone is the most sold SINGLE phone on the market, Android phones (remember there's more than one of them) are taking over and for good reason.

Apple also only offers one phone. Android as I showed above came in a lot of flavors.
Another point about Android, I can't remember the last time I paid for an app. There are very few you should be paying for. And the rooted/jalbroken apps are nothing short of amazing. They allow you to make backup copies/images of your phone like you do your computer

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itzcuzimuslim said:   *every phone out there has a battery which begins to diminish after its 100th charge. So I think being able to replace a battery is a pretty big issue

This is an open ended question and as useful as saying what's better an Alienware or a Dell?

GREEN ME for this post

Alienware is Dell

come on BRO
you know waht I mean

Dell's general lines (inspiron) vs Alienware.

Also I haven't looked into Alienware since like my first year of college and that was 7 years ago

I had an iPhone 3GS, then a 4, then a 4S, then a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and now an S3.
My wife has had an iPhone the whole time.

As she isn't technologically savvy, she is sticking with the iPhone. And I prefer it that way. The iPhone just works.

For me, I prefer the Android experience, because I can set it up how I want to. (And iPhone devotee's will tell you you can jailbreak your phone to do some things that Android does - and that's true).

What I like about Android is Widgets, better control over cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive),

It also has more choices for certain types of Apps. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Apple comes with a stock eReader. I believe you are stuck with the one they give you. Android has dozens of choices. Choices is good, but it also means you have a bunch of crappy choices until you find one that you like. Apples is good to start with.

I have not found an Android music player as good as the iPod controls on an iPhone (suggestions anyone? I've tried a bunch, CloudSkipper and Rocket Player are on my phone now). But I like because able to swap music out so easily from any computer on my Android, as you have direct access to the file system.

doubletwist. You can use it with iTunes actually. The customization on playlist options are there on the PC end but are tricky to access, so be warned (ie sort by date created)

A good article (albeit discussing switching from iOS to Android) discussing some differences between the systems:


I have the iPhone 5 but wish I had went with the Note2. The iPhone might be the all around better phone, but I could really make use of the bigger screen on the Note2. Oh well.

I wonder why the USP of phones have shifted to just display sizes. The new phone have little to offer except for large displays. If that's the case, Nokia and Apple should just worry about Screen size and not their OS.

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